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Well did you ever! - Ten odd and fascinating facts about our beloved Brighton

1Brighton’s seafront bandstand was first opened in 1884. Designed by Phillip Lockwood, it is considered to be one of the finest examples of a Victorian bandstand still surviving in the UK today.

2The Eurovision Song Contest in which ABBA were crowned the winners and got the kick-start to their career with the song Waterloo, was held at the Brighton Dome concert Hall in 1974.

3Brighton became home to the first naturist beach in the country in August 1979. It was the first place in Britain to agree to allow naked bathing. At first it was considered a very divisive idea, which shocked some of the locals.

4If you are looking to partake in a spot of culinary delight and dine out in Brighton, you'll be happy to learn that there are more restaurants in Brighton and Hove than anywhere else in the UK.

5Sir Winston Churchill went to a school in Hove on Brunswick Road in 1883. Churchill particularly enjoyed "swimming and riding" and these extras were added to his school fees. He was charged nearly £9 extra for them on top of the standard term's fee of £21.

6George Everest who served as Surveyor General of India and is best known for having Mount Everest named after him, is buried in St. Andrews Church in Hove. He was buried there on the 8th of December 1866.

7Over 40% of Brighton and Hove is declared as National Park. Most of the coast of Brighton & Hove is also of national wildlife importance and over half of the area covered by Brighton & Hove City Council is open downland.

8The ‘Preston Twins’ English Elm trees were considered to be the oldest Elms in the world. One of the twins, over 400-year-old, contracted Dutch Elm disease and was sadly cut down July of last year. However, the other twin still stands in the Coronation Garden at the end of Preston Park.

9Brighton’s Sea Life centre is the oldest operating aquarium in the world. The aquarium was designed by Eugenius Birch, the same architect responsible for the West Pier. Work began in 1869 and the aquarium opened in 1872.

10During World War II it is alleged that the Germans were instructed not to bomb Brighton because Hitler wanted the Royal Pavilion as his holiday location.

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Well did you ever! - Ten fascinating facts about Brighton

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