iPost Pride Clean-up Gets Boosti

Volunteers and local businesses eager to muck-in with post-pride clean up

Pier2Pier beach clean, the SeaLife Centre beach clean and cleans organised through the council by volunteers are some of many that occur throughout the year.

This summer however, has seen some new communities coming together to take on the responsibilities. Shelter Hall, Brighton’s latest sea-front food hall and bar, took it upon themselves to clear up the beach after a weekend of unofficial pride events and scorching weather.

The most effective thing for litter picking and cleaning the beach at the moment, is volunteer work
Joe Williams – Manager at Brighton Wastersports
Brighton pavements left strewn with rubbish post pride

While the unofficial pride march that was due to take place did not go ahead, it didn’t stop the hundreds of beach goers that flocked to the beach to celebrate on August 1st, as well as those just enjoying the hot weather that baked down on Brighton over the whole weekend.

Eager volunteers collect their litter picking kits

Since despite the statement released by Brighton and Hove City council urging people to not visit the city amid concerns about social distancing, the party buzz of Brighton beach was clearly far too much to resist for most people. But as we all know too well, with every hot weekend in Brighton there will always be beauty, but alas, there will always be rubbish.

Speaking to staff at Shelter Hall it was refreshing to hear that they felt it was only fair that if they had taken part in the weekend celebrations, then taking responsibility for helping clear up the aftermath was a responsibility they were happy to take on – still dressed in all their colourful fancies and smiles on their faces.

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